Distant Stars is an ENHANCEMENT mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. It focuses on making improvements to the current game rather then trying to be a complete conversion mod. It does not add any new races but it does add a lot of research items as well as a few new ships. It has several built in mini-mods, a few mini-mods packaged with it, and many more tweaks and enhancements to the main game, including some UI changes, to give a player the best possible experience with Sins of a Solar Empire as possible.

Built in mini-modsEdit

Sound Improvements:
Sound Effect Replacement MOD
Sins Sounds Enhancement MOD by Gurkoz

Graphics Improvements:
Bailknight's Graphic Mod by Bailknight
Volumetric Explosions & Damage Effects by Mansh00ter

Planet and Object Improvements:
Sins Plus by Uzii
Celestial Bodies by TohKlidan
Multiple Stars Graphics Mod by Boshimi336

Packaged mini-mods:
Powerful Pirates by Ryat
Flagships by Ryat
Dynamic Movement by Mooster

Mod Team MembersEdit

Nacey (Menacer) - Lead Designer / Testing

Ryat - "Master Bug Hunter" / Powerful Pirates / Testing / Maps / Lore

-Ue_ Carbon - Planet Abilities concepts / Testing / Maps / Lore

Draakjacht - 2D Images / Testing / Maps / Lore

Mooster - Dynamic Movement / Testing

Solitaire - Testing

Titan - Testing

Nataku - Testing

Madeiner - Various game balance changes

Original Concepts

Skyline - Original Creator

Frequent Contributers

Stant123 - Testing / Updates / Maps / Lore / DS Wiki Creator


Uzii - Planet types

ManSh00ter - Explosions and damage effects

TohKlidan - Planet types

boshimi336 - Multiple stars graphics

Gurkoz - Sound Enhancements

SuperZero0 - Ship models

Denis Moskowitz - 2D Images

TheOpticNerve - Player Portraits

The information provided is for the Diplomacy 1.00 version of the mod due to the fact that it has the most content. The Entrenchment and Vanilla mod versions will have similar values for most things, although, especially in the case of research, some options may be in a different section, or you may see information on content not available.

Ships and Structures Research, Diplomacy and Pacts Planets, Pirates, and Other Forces Game Performance Tips and Gameplay Tactics

Advent Ships and Structures

TEC Ships and Structures

Vasari Ships and Structures

Advent Research

TEC Research

Vasari Research

Diplomacy and Pacts

Planets - Abilities and Bonuses



Local Militia



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Screen Shots

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